Daddy, I do– and Cannes does too.

Daddy I do won this year’s Cannes Film Festival Documentary of the year. Interesting enough– the budget was under 50 US dollars!  It portrays the conservative extreme practices for purity/anti-sex and their consequences .

Have you seen it? Let me know what you think!


Get Your Mind and Feet Loose

Stumbled upon this video: a collection of over 40 clips of dance in films from (basically) the past century. Decided to keep the blog post simple and give you a nice nostalgia.

The dancing in film really exploded in popularity during the late 1920s and early 30s, when synchronous sound in film was incepted. One of the great symptoms of the sound in movies are surveyed below with some of the best dance scenes of all time.  Sit back, relax–or if you really want: attempt the dance moves at your own risk:

Avatar: A Marker in History or a Masterpiece?

(Although this post may seem late since the movie was released many months ago, it is in due time for its re-release! You can now watch it in select Movie Theatres, again!)

I often avoid to go along with the waves of “BRILLIANT”, “BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR” high budget hypes. While most are crowding the cinemas and waiting long lines to see the most acclaimed film I stay wary and watch some older film through my computer screen.

The process was  the same with Avatar. Though all film majors (and a good quantity of my friends) were anxious to see it, I wanted to wait and watch it in my own time. The opportunity came to me while flying to my first time in Los Angeles (and the West Coast for that matter) on Virgin Air. It was quite the opportune moment.

Written and Directed by James Cameron, Avatar was a reflexive film on humanity and how we interact and overrule nature. It seems to be part of a new trend of animated (and CGI) films that are produced with critical messages and warnings to humanity (e.g. Wall-E). Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim v. My Cinematic World

Bombarded with trailers everywhere you turn, it is rare nowadays to not know what a film is about before you watch it.  Needless to say, last week, I sat clueless and hesitant in my movie theatre chair, watching the beginning of Scott Pilgrim v. The World. It seemed to be the “typical indie film” where a perceived loser has a love triumph.

However I was very wrong— I was strangely impressed by the film.

Although the cinematography and art direction captured the feel and style of the original comic book in a very modern way (though not in black and white like the original comic book), I believe the film’s success can be summed up by three main factors: Continue reading

The Cosfordpolitan: Week of August 30th

Cosfordpolitan is your weekly update on what you can catch over at the Cosford Cinema at the University of Miami! This week you can catch the films below as well as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (Saturday 1pm and 10pm, Sunday 8pm). If you didn’t get to see it in the big screen here is your chance!

For exhibition this week:

“The Extra Man” 2010 USA/FRANCE

Rater R |  Showtimes – Friday Sept 3 : 7pm – Saturday Sept 4  3:30pm 8pm –Sunday 1:30pm 6pm

  • 2liner: A man who escorts wealthy widows in New York’s Upper East Side takes a young aspiring playwright under his wing. MORE INFORMATION

Continue reading

Hear the Spanish Guitar? Pedro Almodovar Night Playlist

As you may have heard on the show– over the summer I traveled to Barcelona, Pedro Almodovar’s hometown. There I saw multiple of his movie locations, and the city’s bohemian and serious art/music scene got me very inspired.

Almodovar’s scripts and films are masterful, witty, dark and touch upon taboo subjects. They are stylistic and more importantly– ENTERTAINING. He has managed to marry entertainment and purposeful messages to breed great films.  Below is the playlist of tonight’s show–  and check out this website for his film scores.

And as extra extra bonus, here is the 2004 NPR interview I featured on the show about Bad Education.

“La Mala Educacion” (Bad Education, 2004) Continue reading


So Many Exciting things happening– Where to begin?

IT IS RADIOTHON WEEK so make sure to help the radio station out and donate what you can! The exciting thing is– everything you donate is being matched dollar for dollar! So $25 really equals $50!


Also, We are having our in-house awards, the “Vinyl Awards” where you can vote for your favorite on air personalities and shows!


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