Life is One Dark Comedy: Playlist

The delicious Black Comedy, one of my favorite genres:

Dr. Strangelove

  • The Bomb Run by the City of Prague Philharmonic

A Clockwork Orange

  • “Title Music”- Walter Carlos
  • “Timesteps”- Walter Carlos
  • “Suicide Scherzo”- Walter Carlos
  • “Overture to the Sun” -Walter Carlos
  • “I want to Marry a Lighthouse”- Erika Eigen

Burn After Reading score by Carter Burwell

  • “Negativity”
  • “Higher Patriotism”
  • “Rendezvous”
  • “Night Running”
  • “Struggle for Ebullience”
  • “Earth Zoom (out)”
  • “Homeless”
  • “After the Loving”
  • “Linda looks for Love”
  • “Opportunity”
  • “Tuchman Marsh”


  • “Generique Debut” Carlos s’Alessio
  • “Baiser Sous L’eau” Carlos s’Alessio
  • “La Valise” Carlos s’Alessio
  • “Bongo Bolero” P. Salvero
  • “Generique Fin” Carlos s’Alessio
  • Patty Cake Bakerman by Carlos s’Alessio

One Response

  1. Don’t forget the marvelous “Brazil” soundtrack…

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